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Did You Know?!       

You can use your smartphone as a payment tool!

Just look for the following apps:


Then pay wherever you see this icon!  

Is it safe you ask?  Both Apps use “tokenization”, which is a critical security technology for Apple Pay and Android Pay.  It basically adds an extra level of security to sensitive credit card data and gives Consumers confidence their accounts are secure as they make payments on the go!

Did You Know?!                   

Boundary Waters Bank has the mobile application   

Simply download this APP on your smarphone and it give you the following:

  • Fraud Protection: The ability to turn your card "on" or "off"
  • Control Spending: Set spending limits through various controls
  • Review Balances & Transactions as they occur - you will receive alerts whenever a transaction posts.

View a demo of this application at here.

Did You Know?!       

Going out town? Leaving the country? Be sure to contact one of our Boundary Waters Bank branch offices!

Before you depart call or stop in with the following information:

  • Date you are leaving
  • Date you are returning
  • State or countries you will be traveling to

New Online Bill Pay


Payments Made Easy! NO more late fees, no more stamps or running to the post office.

View a tutorial!